Regency Door and Glass Sales is the metamorphsis of a family business over 60 years.

Starting in 1960 as a one operator glazing contractor the family business grew to a major sub contractor to adelaides major glass companies in the 70’s .

In the 80’s the glass business was relocated to Regency Rd. Where a major inovation saw the introduction of automated glass processing eqiuipment resulting in contracts for some of adelaides iconic projects of the 80’s (Adelaide Casino ).

1983 saw the beginning of the door side of the business and soon the combination of both divisions under the banner of Regency Doors and Glass p/l. This ushered in a major movement towards the supply and installation of doors bifolds and shower screens and mirrors.

Through out the expansion, the family business philosophy was to perform all activities in house from the manufacture of door frames to the stainng of doors and the manufacture of stained glass being an important part of the busineess for many years.

The 90’s saw the company's exposure to the internet and the world wide web an initial web site displaying our products and services was a tremendous success.

The new century saw an increase in competion and a flood of cheap and low quality inmported products.

A change in name and direction being the inevitable path for the company to travel.

With over 30 years experience in the core busines of doors locks and glass and a wealth of expertise. Selling over the internet presents an opportunity for our customers to buy our products at the most competitive prices possible and be assurred in the fact that any product ordered through our web site will be of the highest quality and meet their requirements.